Once On The Ground, The Suspect Stole Jenkins’ Wallet And Ran Off.

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“He went inside, got the mop handle, came out and started attacking me,” said Jenkins. Hoad Hill set to be Vicky’s first marathon after her foot surgeryThe beating left Jenkins with bruises on his hands and above his left eye. The force of the blows broke his cane, which the victim used to try and defend himself with. Once on the ground, the suspect stole Jenkins’ wallet and ran off. The 60-year-old was treated and released at a hospital. “He’s just an old guy, he don’t bother nobody,” said building resident Daniel Kirby. “He comes outside, he stays to himself, he’s a a nice guy.” The building on Boston Road is run by a non-profit group and is occupied mainly Web Site by seniors or those with physical disabilities, with many complaining about the desk in the lobby, which is supposed to be staffed between 8 and 4. At the time of the incident it was unattended. “It was frightening, very frightening,” said Jenkins.

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